The warmth of design, the performance of technology

Technology and design constitute two key factors in Teka. From the beginning to nowadays, offering outstanding features has been a key issue for the development of a philosophy that seeks the maximum quality standards in each and every decision.

However, the actual kitchen user demands are increasing as consumers raise their expectations. Not only do they demand performance but also added values. The ability of generating warm spaces to make the kitchen a place that invites to stay in and enjoy an important part of the family life in it is a growing issue.

The awareness of this fact has lead Teka to develop products that apart from maintaining a high degree of technological innovation, they also provide their own personality. From the shape hobs to crystal wing hoods, including old style ovens, any kitchen can find in Teka products an milestone where to make the right choosing and give your home a personal touch. Comfort is a values that nowadays is not only associated to the living room but to any room in the house, including the kitchen. This is the reason why Teka keeps increasing its product offer: to deliver products that go far beyond, that fit not only their needs but also their taste.

ETHOS range

ETHOS range is ECOLOGICAL because helps you saving money but also time. Money, because the way it works when cleaning through Teka Hydroclean® system [all you need is a glass of water and you will have a clean oven in twenty-four minutes without hardly any effort], thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption and becoming an efficient cleaning aid. But also time because its direct access menus and included thermal probe cooking or electronic temperature control functions.

But we want to continue improving and make the user’s life much easier. Which is the best way? Focusing on improving what we already have and create a system that prevents the risk of burns when coming into contact with the oven door’s glass.